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Website Audit


Get a Professional Analysis and Review of your business Website to Fix Issues, which might have negative impact on website rankings.

Imagine this – you are currently on Page 1 of Google. Very next day, you drop down to Page 12. You do not know – what hit you so hard. This scenario really happens in life. In most cases, business owners are just left in the rubble – even wondering what has happened. This is why, a Website Audit Report is needed.

What is a Website Audit?

A Website Audit provides you professional review and authentic analysis of your business website, including its website content and also inbound links. This also covers Web Design & Web Structure Analysis, Page & Link Errors, Title and Meta Description Errors & Issues, inbound Backlinks Analysis, URL Architecture, Duplicate web Content Analysis, Target Keyword Analysis, and so much more!

This service is recommended before you start any search engine optimization campaign for your business website. When you are willing to invest in a digital marketing campaign, mainly SEO – it is important to get deep analysis of business website, so that SEO campaign can be customized rightly.

Why Need a Website Audit Report

Your website is always core of your internet marketing strategy. SEO, PPC, social media marketing: all of these direct traffic back to your website. A faulty site can flush all your SEO efforts down the drain. A Website Audit followed by an appropriate SEO action, prevents that bad thing from happening. An audit is required to find faults and errors in your website so those can be corrected.

A Website Audit is always the first step in recovering from random Google updates. With all the search engines rolling out large number of algorithm changes every year, it’s very crucial to get a thorough”checkup” for your business website annually.

Google Algorithm – Updates

In addition to being prepared to run SEO campaign, getting a website audit first – will protect your business website from Google’s random algorithm changes effects. Google is always continuously tweaking algorithms to provide internet users with better search engine results, which are ever improving in quality and relevance.

Two of major algorithms from Google are called Panda and Penguin. There have been over 25 Panda updates since 2011 and a few Penguin updates since 2012 which have affected 41% of search engine queries. Panda updates are related to low quality web content and the Penguin updates do target websites for back links spam. You must stay ahead of this game, by getting a Website Audit Report.