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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is what can be done off-page of a Web site to maximize its performance in the search engines for target keywords related to the page content.The most important off-page SEO strategy is link building – getting links from other sites to yours. Links should contain appropriate anchor text and come from relevant pages. The text in the linking anchor tag should not be the same in every site linking to your Web site. The high PageRank relevant site linking to your site is much better than a low PageRank site. However, links should come from sites with a variety of PageRanks and their number should increse gradually, that looks natural to Google.

Off-page ranking factors are:

• the number of sites linking to you
• PageRank of Web sites linking to you
• page title of sites link to you
• anchor text of a link
• the number of outbound links of a Web site linking to you
• the total number of links on that site.

Off-Page Elements connected to getting online publicity for you Web site:

• links from sites with a variety of PageRanks
• article marketing
• social media marketing
• directory Submissions
• blogging
• social networking
• press releases
• sharing Videos

Avoid off-page spamming techniques:

• link farms (sites with 100+ outbound links per page)
• using irrelevant keywords in your link-ads
• garbage links
• hidden inbound links

Off-Page SEO

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