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Micro-blogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create a short message that is posted on their profile. Micro-blogging allows you to write brief text updates about your life on the go, and send them to friends and interested observers via text messaging, instant messaging, email or the web. Subscribers can read micro-blog posts online or request that updates be delivered in real time to their desktop as an instant message or sent to a mobile device as an SMS text message.

Common features of mirco-blogging:

• Short posts (two to three sentences, 140 – 200 characters).
• Content could be text, video or audio posts, file sharing and event invitations.
• In the basis of this service is status updates tool (in Tumblr, Facebook, StumbleUpon). But there are some distinctions between the social network status box and micro-blogging. Everything you write in micro-blog can be seen by the whole world, is public.

What is the usage of mirco-blogging?

• organizational usage
• communication with like-minded people to share ideas and/or links.
micro-blogging services are also becoming a platform for marketing and public relations. Many people use them for marketing their products, services, company, website, blog, books
Important source of real-time news updates. Media companies such as the BBC and the New York Times are trying out Twitter as a way to send headlines and links to stories.

Twitter – the most popular micro-blogging tool.

How it works?

• you can register and create for a free a Twitter account

• upload a photo of yourself and make your micro-blog private or public. If you intend to use Twitter to generate Web site traffic by sharing daily deals, special offers, or exciting product news, keep he the public settings.

• you’ll want to invite a few friends to start following your Twitter micro-blog posts, and also add them so you can follow what they’re doing.

• to promote your Web site you can simply include a tag at the end of each message including your ULR.