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Meta Keywords Tag

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Meta Keywords Tag

Tag: <meta name=”keywords”>

Syntax: <meta name=”keywords” content=”enter your keywords here in a comma-separated list“>


Meta tag is HTML code that is inserted into the header on a web page, after the title tag. The keyword meta tag is used to list the main keywords and keyword phrases for the page.


  • This tag is largely depreciated in terms of Google SEO relevancy (due to widespread abuse of this tag) but still worth getting right for the other search engines.
  • Keep the number of keywords below 10 or so.
  • Do not repeat keywords more than twice.
  • Make sure that your keywords appear in the main content of your page. Failure to do so could cause your page to be penalized for irrelevancy.
  • Do an SE keyword analysis to make sure that your keywords are generating a large enough search volume with minimum competition from other sites.


As an example for a site about cameras called “Joe’s Cameras”:

[Unoptimized] <meta name=”keywords” content=” Joes camera store”>

[Optimized] <meta name=”keywords” content=”cameras, lenses for sale, photography accessories, camera retail, photography equipment”>