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Link development by mixing RSS feeds

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Link development by mixing RSS feeds


Hey guys! How you been? I have not made a post for a while but I am back and I should be making regular blog posts again.

This one is going to be slightly different. I am going to post an idea and we can do a bit of brainstorming together to hopefully come up with an easy backlink development method.

Has anyone had much success developing backlinks using RSS feeds? If you are not familiar with this method, it basically works when your RSS feeds appear on various RSS syndication/directory websites, other webmasters pick them up and use them on their own websites. The common approach would be to simply submit your blog feeds for example to various RSS directories and forget. This would be like a drop in the ocean and quite frankly would generate hardly any backlinks. This is why most people don’t even bother. I must say I was one of them until I stumbled upon this little video: Instant backlinks.

The idea is simply to use rssmix to generate unlimited unique feeds by mixing your feed with others. However the video just gives you an idea and leaves the rest up to you. How would you apply it? If I had a bunch of websites about… lets say dog training I would bookmark all of them using one of the bookmarking sites such as delicious. I would then go and hunt for some dog training related quality article feeds. 20 of them or so… Use various combinations of these feeds to generate 30 or so unique feeds and then submit them using An RSS submitter or even manually to a bunch of RSS syndication/directory websites. In fact I will do just that in a few minutes.

If you have other ideas or questions simply drop a comment.