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HTML Title Tag

HTML Title Tag

Tag: <title>

Syntax: <title>keyword/category/branding</title>

Description:Title tag is required in every HTML and XHTML document. It defines a document title.
Web browsers usually display title tag in a window’s title bar when the window is open, and in the task bar when the window is minimized.
It may become the default filename when saving the page.
The link to your site that is normally displayed in search results will contain text derived from the title tag (though this can be over-written by other means).
Though it is not necessary to write something in the tag (i.e. you can leave it empty and the title bar of the browser will read “Untitled Document”), for SEO purposes you should use it properly.
Having no page title makes it difficult to find the page in any search engine.

The title tag text is the first information about your website that the user sees. This is why it must be informative and attractive.
You want your visitors to follow the link and navigate your site. The best title for a page in terms of SEO is one which fits with the content.
Using the Title tag increases your chances to rank well for your particular keywords.

The Title tag should identify the content of your page. Follow these guidelines:

  • Provide your visitors with brief and specific page titles.
  • Do not repeat keywords in the page title. Use unique page titles for every single page. For duplicate page title Google may penalize your site.
  • Do not try to use too many key-phrases. The best practice is 3-4 keyword phrase combined with 1-2 themed words.
  • Separate the main and descriptive part of your page title with a hyphen (not an underscore). “The hyphen is used as a signal that the two words around are very strongly connected (unless there is no space before and after it).” Google
  • Use upper case for the title tag as would be appropriate for any title
  • Google displays up to 66 characters of a title tag. So you should limit the size of the title to this length. Compose grammatically correct sentences.
  • Do not use the company name in a page title, unless it is your home page or your website has a significant brand name.
  • Very Important: Your main keyword-phrase should be at the beginning of a title tag as some search engines assign more value to the word at the beginning.

As an example for a site selling electrical equipment called “ElectroStore Online”:
[Unoptimized] <title>ElectroStore Online – Electrical Products for Sale</title>
[Optimized] <title>Electrical Products from ElectroStore Online</title>