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How to Make Money with Adsense without Content


How to Make Money with Adsense without Content


You can make money online with Google Adsense by writing less content. The key is having the right amount of content. Content is still king but sometimes it’s better to be the queen. Here’s a case study in which I am making money off a site with minimal content.

I came across a coupon for $1 .com’s at Godaddy (limit one). These coupons turn up once in a while and I never hesitate to buy a site because it’s almost impossible to not make your $1 back even with minimal content. At the very least I could sell the site for 20 times that based on a solid domain name alone. I quickly created the site in WordPress and set up the theme and the 15 pages I wanted for the site. I knew based on the subject of the site that 15 would cover all possible topics and I would go into detail on subtopics on each page.

I set up each page with the headings and page title so I had a basic framework for what I would be doing with the site. I threw some general keywords around in the sidebar and footer (things like “review”, “buy”, “where to buy”, etc). Then I wrote the content for the first page. I linked to it from some of my other sites and did a few directory and search engine submissions- very minimal link building. Then a few things came up with some of my other sites and I had no time/interest to complete the site. But something interestingly unexpected started to happen.

The site started to get some traffic and make money with Adsense. But not on the page I had written the content for; those pages were making nothing. The (mostly) blank pages were doing quite well. I investigated the search terms used to find the site and it turns out that the pages with the content are answering people’s questions while the blank pages are leaving people hanging. A visitor to your site that doesn’t get the information they are looking for is going to do one of two things- go back or click on an ad that looks like it has the answer.

While I’m not advocating creating blank sites, it’s important to write content based on your goals. If you want visitors to click an affiliate link or an ad, then you have to tease them a little bit and not tell them everything they need to know. Why would they click if you’ve already given away the store? But give them enough so that they’re not just clicking back in their browser. Somewhere between authoritative half information and persuasive salesmanship is where the money is (and that type of content will rank well for SEO too).