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Auto Generating Content Free Using Google Scribe

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Auto Generating Content Free Using Google Scribe

bizarrely written article with all sorts of weird phrases. It’s not meant for people to read but for the search engines. Typically I would advocate that you write strictly for humans and not use article spinners for search engine targeted content BUT I know a lot people do use these and here’s a free alternative.

A new Google Labs product called Google Scribe let’s you effectively do the same thing but totally free. What Scribe does is suggest the next word of your sentence as you type. You can see the results of my experiment below, I created two sentences using Google Scribe; the only words I type were the first two phrases “search engine optimization” and “google results” to steer the content slightly. I picked the first word it offered in my cases.

Search engine optimization is an important part of the products named in this section are primarily provided directly by the companies appearing or PR agencies which are solely responsible for the content of their press releases once per week for their annual meeting in San Francisco and then to their children and grandchildren of these two types of information that is not appropriate for all users of the catalogue should also be noted.

Google results for these two groups of subjects were studied in these experiments was to determine the effectiveness of their advertisements and determine which ads are effective and safe in their homes and their lives.

I’d say it worked ok. Scribe sort of took me on a rollercoaster of content, away from the subject I was originally writing about. I think that if I actually typed a few keywords as I go along, it would work better. Let me try that out right now:

Affiliate marketing is the most important thing in the world of making money online without spending anything on the internet. Effective ranking in search engines is the key to successfully implementing a website that makes you money. Earning commissions for every sale made through your affiliate link will be added to the amount of money that you can earn online with affiliate programs.

That worked slightly better. I typed the occasional keyword and selected more appropriate choices from the list. Obviously none of these auto-generated content sentences read like true human generated content but it is a quick easy, free way to generate unique keyword related content that can help you with SEO. That last paragraph took me about 2 minutes to create. It’s not truly automated, it’s almost like a hybrid, but it’s definitely unique content.